Blair Sullivan is the heart and 'soles' behind THIS + THAT. Since September 2014, she has helmed the beloved style blog with her fun, feminine, and flirtatious fashion sense always at the forefront. Originally based in Dallas, where Blair launched the site with friend and co-founder Kaitlynn Moody, THIS + THAT moved west in 2015 when Blair followed her dream of living in San Francisco. Now, readers will get to follow along on her journey, as she takes on her new city armed with her relatable charm—and just the right shade of lipstick.

But the true appeal of THIS + THAT goes far beyond fashion. Just like her readers, B (as she’s affectionately known) is a well-rounded woman with a variety of passions, and the site is a reflection of her many interests. It’s fashion + lifestyle. It’s travel + culture. It’s home + design. It’s THIS + THAT.





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