I have a very exciting move coming up at the end of July (more details on that later) and I just cannot stop thinking about how I want to decorate my new space! It's hard, because moving just always makes you want to buy all new things! I will also be moving in with my long-time boyfriend so it is definitely going to be an adjustment mixing my and his things. Actually, let's be real, we will mostly be using my things...

We have already started making a list of things we are bringing, things we are selling/donating, and things we want to buy. It's been a struggle finding pieces we both love! My interior design aesthetic is something that I like to call "modern bohemian" - is that a thing? I am a lover of all things mid century modern and things that have a bohemian flare. W likes mid century as well, but I also love mixing in all white pieces, which W is not a fan of. He thinks all white can be too girly. But my thoughts on it are that if you blend a mix of white and wooden pieces with pops of color it brings an airy and relaxed feeling, not necessarily girly. Please tell me someone agrees with me?!

But this move will be a pricey one for us, so we will not have that much money to decorate! I have curated a great selection of decor items that are all under $300 (and most of them are actually under $100!) The hard part is, I want them all! Decisions, decisions.

Do you have any tips on moving? And how to create a space that is both his and hers?