Ok so anyone that knows me, knows I have ALWAYS wanted mermaid hair. But unfortunately my hair is unable to grow that long!! I don't know what it is with my hair, but it legit does not grow past the point it currently is at. YES I have tried cutting my hair every 6 weeks. YES I have tried not cutting my hair for a full year. YES I have taken biotin, hair supplements, etc. YES I have tried hair growth serums, shampoos, etc. And literally nothing works. But if you have any other ideas, feel free to throw them my way.

Since my hair is stubborn and doesn't like to grow past a certain point, I thought it would be fun to try out extensions! Irresistible Me was kind enough to send me some extensions to try out and the pack came with SO MANY!! I only used about 6 or 8 pieces in my hair in the photos above so I can't even imagine if I used all of them! My hair would be extra, extra thick if I did. I also couldn't believe how the color of the extensions matched my hair so PERFECTLY!! That really surprised me how effortlessly they blended because the color was just right.

What's so great too is that there is a separate section of the pouch that they send the extensions in that includes a "tester" piece to be sure the set matches your hair. You can open this section and still be able to return the extensions if they do not match which I think is so fantastic so you're not committed when you purchase.

Since I was a hair extension newbie, my only recommendation would be to not order the heaviest weight (200G) like I did. The larger pieces were pretty heavy and my hair couldn't hold the largest piece.

I have thick hair, but it's fine, does that make sense? But sense I have fine hair, it was hard to get the extensions to hold. After a little research I discovered that if you tease your hair where you place your clip in, it will hold A LOT easier. This worked for all the clip ins I used minus the largest piece. But honestly, I didnt even need the largest piece because there were so many other pieces to use!

But what's so great about these clips in is how surprisingly quick and easy it is to use them once you get the hang of it! I know I will definitely be using them for a night out or when I am wanting to do a cool braid. I was not blessed with crazy thick (or long) hair so all those cool braid trends just don't look good on me! But now… they just might! Can't wait to try them out with my Irresistible Me extensions ;)